Primus: la macchina compatta per riempimento e tappatura

Primus: the Space-Saving Filling and Capping Machine

It is our good habit to listen to the requests of our customers and, for this reason, we created Primus: the space-saving filling and capping machine. In fact, our customers were looking for a machine similar to Aurora 500, but which would allow them to save more space. As a result, Primus consists of a small monoblock (105x121x190h cm approx.) with intermittent star wheel.

The loading of the bottles on the small table and the insertion of the caps into the bottles are done manually by means of two different operators; filling and capping are carried out automatically. The star wheel can have a different number of cavities according to the diameter of the bottle to be treated. Currently, the maximum diameter is 80 mm, with a 12-station star wheel.

The machine can be equipped with up to 2 dosing units and different filling systems: mechanical volumetric (syringes), electronic volumetric (magnetic dosing units) or electronic (mass flow meters).

It reaches a maximum speed of 2000 pieces per hour with a 200 ml format. The speed of the machine can be reduced to allow the insertion of any under-caps. In the case of nail polish, for example, you can manually insert the brush.

Furthermore, Primus includes a sensor for the presence of bottles and one for the presence of caps.

In the machine manufacturing process (see the video on our Youtube channel), the bottles are transported under the needles, perfectly centered with respect to the mouth of the containers. The bottles are filled by means of the chosen filling system. Then, the containers are started to the phase of manual insertion of caps and to the automatic closing procedure. Finally, the bottles thus treated come out on an unloading tray to be carried to the following phases.

Read Primus data sheet on our website in the Machines section.

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