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Kit of Machines for Covid-19 Diagnosis


Machines / Kit of Machines for Covid-19 Diagnosis

During 2020, we focused on the creation of new automatic machines, dedicated to the assembly and management of the vials used in the diagnostic processes of Coronavirus infection. To this end, we have successfully completed many projects.

In this process, the Assembly Machine and the so-called Svitavvita depend on each other.

The Assembly Machine assembles the test tubes (composed of vial, spheres and cap).

In some existing versions, it is equipped with a filling station with a peristaltic pump certified for pharmaceutical products, which is electronically controlled for precise doses even below one milliliter and easy to set from the control panel.

The machine is also equipped with a control that verifies the insertion and correct position of the cap by means of a precision laser meter.

The Svitavvita keeps the tube sterile, while unscrewing the cap, filling the vial and re-screwing the cap onto the corresponding vial.

Filling takes place by means of a peristaltic pump and the dose can be set from the control panel.

The machine works under laminar flow, keeping the vial open in an aseptic environment and for a short time.

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