Unica Plus: our new automatic machine for UNICADOSE® vials

UNICADOSE® vials are a new type of packaging dedicated to single doses of liquid products. This PTFE format represents the more concrete alternative to glass ampoules, to avoid the problems associated with the possible dispersion and ingestion of glass micro-fragments.

A few years ago, in collaboration with Eskiss Healthcaring, holder of the UNICADOSE® patent, we designed Unica, a monobloc machine with a compact stainless-steel structure, which is excellent for companies starting their production.

Recently, however, the direct contact with our customers has highlighted more precise needs, which have led us to develop a new project for the management of this type of vials.

The new Unica Plus, which is currently in the design phase, provides for the automation of some phases, a station for cleaning UNICADOSE® vials and the inclusion of new controls with the possibility of automatic rejection.

The use of easily replaceable pucks containers aims to simplify the format change from 10 to 15 ml.

Finally, the filling system will consist of very high precision volumetric syringes.

For further information, write to info@samasitaly.com.