B-Caps assembling filling machinery

Customized Machinery for B-Caps

Our commercial partner Larrañaga Comercial has involved us in the development of customized machinery for B-Caps. We came up with several solutions for the filling and the assembling of the available formats.

The B-Caps are screw caps with an internal sealing disc, designed to contain concentrated liquid or powder products to be released into water.

The sealing disc breaks by screwing the B-Cap onto a bottle with water. Thus, the product is released and it is enough to shake the bottle to obtain the finished compound.

The B-Caps are a growing trend in the field of cleaning products, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

It is an innovative and eco-friendly solution which helps producers and consumers in their will to reduce the consumption of plastic, C02 and water.

As manufacturers of packaging solutions, we have been designing customized machinery for B-Caps. We identified several automatic and semi-automatic solutions for the filling and the assembling of B-Caps, with the insertion of the sealing disc inside them.

Once again we have developed these projects together with our customers, listening to their needs and trying to respond precisely to their requests.

Thanks to Larrañaga Comercial for this opportunity!

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