A new model of Primus: Primus DVP!

Primus DVP is a filling and capping monobloc machine where the filling phase is carried out by means of a volumetric pneumatic dosing unit.

The use of this type of filling system makes it possible to carry out the dosing of liquid and dense products. In fact, the product to be dosed can be easily heated through the affixion of specific thermoelectirc blankets on the conical body of the hopper and on that of the dosing unit. Temperatures can be set and monitored from

from control panel. This new Primus model is characterized by multiple temperature control points, to make it possible for the hopper and the doser to be kept at different temperatures.

In addition, thanks to the handwheel system with position indicator, the dose change is particularly easy and intuitive.

Primus DVP is particularly suitable for customers in the cosmetics sector and for companies that intend to start a semi-automatic production.

Watch the Primus DVP video on our Youtube channel.