Compact 100

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Category: assembly machine

Application: urine containers for specimen collection

Speed: 6000 pieces per hour


This Compact 100 model was created for the assembly of urine containers for specimen collection. It is composed of two double index monoblocs (A and B) with intermittent star-wheel and is equipped with a UV-C ray system for the sterilization of caps and containers.

The Compact 100A monobloc assembles the caps, while the Compact 100B monobloc pre-screws them and screws them onto the containers. The caps which provide for needle are processed by the stations for insertion, screwing and needle control.

Between the two monoblocs, there is a special guide without friction for the transport of caps.

At the outlet, there is a label presence control. The machine then unloads the containers into boxes with piece counting or onto a brushless star wheel which is synchronized with a Flowpack system.

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