This project is realized by SAMAS ITALY Srl in collaboration with ESKISS PACKAGING (France) owner of the UNICADOSE® patent

SAMAS UNICADOSE® is a monobloc machine with a compact structure in stainless steel exclusively designed for filling and closing UNICADOSE® 10 ML and 15 ML

The operation of this special machine is based on four fundamental points:

  1. Principle of unblocking: opening of UNICADOSE® in a single operation by aspiration
  2. Principle of filling: filling of UNICADOSE® simultaneously
  3. Principle of the air: vacuum of air in the bell before closing
  4. Principle of the closing: closing of UNICADOSE® in a single operation using a pneumatic mechanical system

SAMAS UNICADOSE® leaflet - front

SAMAS UNICADOSE® leaflet - back

SAMAS UNICADOSE® French leaflet - front

SAMAS UNICADOSE® French leaflet - back

SAMAS UNICADOSE® Spanish leaflet - front

SAMAS UNICADOSE® Spanish leaflet - back