SAMAS LIN-CLOCAP 2S is a LINEAR capping machine characterized by two simultaneous phases that allow a production of 1500 pieces per hour. First step simultaneous to the second: a transfer conveyor belt positions the bottles under the head of pre-screwing of the cap whose movement – up and down of the spindle – is totally pneumatic. Second step simultaneous to the first: the bottles are capped with a clamping force system driven by a pneumatic motor “FIAM" 20M58R-D10 reversible version (160w – 5Nm – 300rpm). The tightening torque will be adjustable with a pressure gauge from 0 to 6 bar. The machine has a vibrating feeder for screw cap in AISI 304 STEEL with spot welding and linear vibrating guide.
All the commands will be managed by PLC SIEMENS Model 1200 an operator control panel with tele-assistance brand ASEM Dim. 4 “.