The SAMAS MONO P6 model is a machine characterized by the use of ADJUSTABLE PUCKS containers for various formats; the bottles are manually loaded inside the PUCKS, made of wear-resistant plastic material, and move on a closed-loop conveyor belt to take place at the various processing stages.
After loading, the machine positions the bottles under the needles, centering them perfectly with respect to the mouth of the containers, to fill them with electronic dosages carried out by 4 HENDRESS & HAUSER MASSIC DOSERS, easily adjustable from the operator panel. The dosing settings adjustable according to product density, viscosity etc… can be saved individually as an electronic recipe.
Once the dosage phase has been completed, the cap format (pump, pressure cap, screw cap) is manually inserted and with the right positioning / orientation and then a photocell will check if the positioning / orientation is correct. If the result is positive, the machine will start the closing phase (capping) which is moved by a brushless motor and magnetic clutch hysteresis adjustable according to the NEWTON unit of measurement.
The bottles thus treated reach the unloading station which automatically extracts them from the containers (ADJUSTABLE PUCKS) to place them on the 1.50 m long conveyor belt (standard sizes).