The expertise and experience of Gianluca Saccardi and Marco Alfani depend on a precise choice that the two founders of SAMAS ITALY have made during their professional career: continuing the family tradition of the mechanical workshop. From an early age, neighbors and inseparable friends, followed, watched and learned from their fathers who had two separate but complementary activities. Piero Saccardi was the co-founder of COMAS Srl, still one of the first companies and recognized worldwide in the sector of machines for packaging solutions.

Made in Italy

It is well known that Italy is the leading and most competitive country in the field of packaging solutions: SAMAS ITALY with its achievements proves to be always and in any case on the side of all those initiatives and possibilities that bring high recognition of the ' MADE IN ITALY'. Despite being a small structure, every activity is constantly carried out to obtain the highest quality standards and in compliance with the regulations.


The careful selection of products and suppliers that accompany every single design and implementation of SAMAS machines is a fundamental goal. Thanks also to the research and development office we daily examine alternatives that are more and more avant-garde, able to meet the market demands in general but above all to accommodate those particular needs that arise during the negotiations with the customers and during the study of the most complex and diversified solutions.